Fields of the Kingdom (in Arabic) is hosted by Karam Bahnam with Fr. Niaz Toma and Louay Mansour . They take viewers on a biblical journey as they apply life issues to the faith. In this show, the hosts share thoughts from viewers about all kinds of social issues and then discuss these issues from a theological and biblical standpoint.

Silent Saints is hosted by Bashar Kirma. For a few years, Bashar has been facilitating a youth-driven spiritual formation group called Silent Saints. That group has been transformed into a Mar Toma youth program. In today’s society, there are many obstacles blocking the metaphysical thinking of intellectual minds. These obstacles have limited many youthful souls from reaching true potential for good. This show is intended to relate tangible and logical evidence for simple and complex everyday questions in order to reach internal and external joyfulness. It is a call to rise above anger, depression, uncertainty and the negativity of life. It is a call to genuine peace and happiness, as well as a call to change the world.

Encountering Jesus is hosted by Fr. Pierre Konja. Through Scripture, Fr. Pierre shows viewers how we all can encounter Jesus, just like so many people did as demonstrated in the Bible. Our encounters with Jesus ultimately strengthen our faith as we grow deeper into relationship with Him.

Christ Centered Communication is hosted by Vanessa Denha Garmo. We encounter all kinds of communication situations every day and as Christians, we are called to bring peace and not create chaos in the way we communicate.  These 3-minute messages address a variety of topics, while keeping in mind the most important question of all: What Would Jesus Say Today?

Freedom Behind Bars is hosted by Tom Naemi. It takes viewers on a journey about a man who found freedom while serving a life sentence behind bars. This show focuses on Scripture as it engages the viewer to apply teachings to everyday life.

Invitation to Sisterhood is hosted by Vanessa Denha Garmo.  Join us on a journey as we discuss everyday issues affecting our lives. Women in the bible and of Christian History continue to have an impact on the world even years after their deaths. We can learn so much from them. They are sisters of inspiration. And, we are all sisters –sisters in Christ

Bible Studies Series is hosted by Karam Bahnam.  The Bible Study Series is on Television and Radio with Fr. Manuel Boji and Nofal Putros. This series is on the Book of Acts. It is a show in Arabic. It airs on Noursat around the globe. It also airs locally on AM 690.

And Now You Know is hosted by Spencer Sandiha.  This show is a quick path to the truth program, that focuses on the most popular questions and concerns in Christianity and the Christian Faith. Join Spencer as he tackles some of the most common issues we face today.